Hi. I'm Oleg Somin.

I'm experienced e-commerce consultant, designer and web-producer. Founder and Jedi Grand Master at ITLine company. Open networker. Happy father and lovely husband :) Originally I'm from Moscow, Russia but I moved to Vilnius, Lithuania in 2013 to take a deep breath of freedom, creativity and fresh air.

Learn about what I do

I ask the right questions and build amazing things

online and offline


You give me info about your business scope, and I give you back a methods and practice of your presence online


Take the high road with my solutions. Experienced professionals from my company always at your service!


Every project needs a fuel to live and grow. I don't give a damn. My company will take care of it. The best way!

Some of my projects


One small internet company. 17 years of experience. More than 70 happy clients and thousands users.
Russian promo only, but you could try to learn some words :) and see a part of portfolio 2013 there.

Carpet TV

One-night-dev fun project with audience more than 20.000 people in the first two days of "air". Carpets always symbolizes wealth and luxury. And it's also freaky to make a self-photos with carpet on background.


One of the biggest Moscow (Russia) job portal. More than 650.000 vacancies from employers. Great modern and trending articles about employment, office psychology, career, education and volunteering.

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